From basic regular maintenance and repairs to brakes and other components as well as engine overhauls, our staff has the skills to repair your vehicle using the most up-to-date diagnostic and repair equipment. Come in today, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


Are your brakes pulling, pulsating or making a noise? Is your pedal mushy, hard to press or low? Is your ABS light on or is your car not stopping right?


Lawson Auto Centre can help! We are your one stop shop for brake maintenance, diagnosis, repair and replacement. Let our experts assist you with whatever you brake service need may be.

Our brake system evaluation examines your entire braking system to accurately determine exactly what problem you may have and what it will take to get you back on the road safely. Stop in today for an estimate!

Remember: Regular brake inspections should be part of your vehicle’s ongoing maintenance, helping to ensure its safety and reliability.


We offer a variety of tire services. No matter what your issue is, we can help. We provide the following tire services:


** Flat Tire Replacement
** Tire Repair
** Tires Sales
** Tire Installation

Lawson Auto Centre offers a wide selection of both new and used tires. Looking for something in particular? Call us or stop by our shop for more help!


The exhaust system is a complex series of pipes, catalytic converters, mufflers, a resonator, and various other emissions tools. The exhaust system…


... The exhaust system removes toxic burned gasoline fumes from your vehicle. This is a complexity that Lawson Auto Centre understands. This allows us to pass on the savings to you, our customers by only fixing the problem!

Even under normal driving conditions, damage to your vehicle’s exhaust system can occur. A common culprit of exhaust system failures is due to rust, road damage, or small holes. The dangers of the damage can be as extreme as releasing deadly fumes into the passenger compartment. The noise created by a bad exhaust system is definitely secondary to your safety.

Visit Lawson Auto Centre today! We offer a wide variety of muffler and exhaust repair services.


When your car is properly tuned, the ignition system, fuel system, emission system and computer system are all working together…


This results in peak combustion chamber efficiency, saving you money at the gas pump and making sure your car is emitting a minimum amount of pollutants.

Many people assume a tune up will solve a drivability problem. That’s not always the case. Our experts at Lawson Auto Centre perform a tune up verification to confirm that your car will benefit from a tune up. Your problem may be unrelated to a tune up and may need an engine diagnosis.

What does a Tune-Up include?

** Tune-up verification
** Replacement of spark plugs
** Analysis of emission levels
** Timing/idle speed adjustment (if adjustable)
** Complete maintenance inspection

Call or stop in today and have your vehicle running as efficiently as possible!


Your vehicle relies on oil, lubrication and an oil filter to keep it running smoothly. Every three months or 5,000 kms, your vehicle should be ready …


Every three months or 5,000 kms, your vehicle should be ready for an oil change. At Lawson Auto Centre we offer an oil, lube and filter change that includes:

** Changing the oil filter
** Checking the air filter
** Checking and topping off all fluids under the hood
** Lubricating all fittings
** Checking engine for leaks
** Checking belts and hoses
** Checking tire pressure
** Checking entire undercarriage

Check your owner’s manual for specific recommendations for your vehicle or stop in today!


Wheel alignment is the position of the wheels relative to your car. When properly aligned, the wheels point in the right direction…


Without proper alignment, the wheels resist your steering commands, as well as each other. Alignment also affects gas mileage and tire wear. If your tires are pointed in different directions, they fight against each other and can cause tread wear.

Lawson Auto Centre uses computerized alignment equipment to measure all alignment angles on your vehicle.

Stop in today for all of your alignment needs!

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